Scotts Ridge Middle School
School Building
School hallway and painted walls

Teacher Sites

At SRMS, we pride ourselves in providing resources designed to enhance student learning and organization. Our teachers develop and maintain their own teacher websites as a way for students to access assignments, projects, and important due dates all in one place. Feel free to bookmark your child’s teacher site so you can stay in-the-know about all things Scotts Ridge.

Sixth Grade

Team Draco

  • Mr. Wallace, Mrs. Bray, Mr. Oakes, Mrs. Kowalczyk, Mrs. Farina

Team Lacerta

  • Mrs. Haines, Ms. Dowd, Ms. Hoey, Ms. Lobasz, Mrs. Hayner

Seventh Grade

Team Orion

  • Ms. Tangney, Mr. Perry, Ms. Hall, Ms. Burns, Ms. Sherwill

Team Tucana

  • Mr. Luery, Mr. Petersen, Mrs. Vanderrest, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Ullinger

Eighth Grade

Team Phoenix

  • Ms. Gercak, Ms. Timpson, Ms. Herald, Mr. Broderick, Ms. McKeon

Team Pegasus

  • Mrs. Beall, Ms. Thamm, Ms. Cleveland, Mr. LaBounty, Mrs. Battipaglia

Special Areas

World Languages

  • Ms. Kleis, Ms. Un, Mr. Mejia, Mr. Valencia



  • Teresa Ringkamp, Christen Riegel

Physical Education

  • Mr. Gallagher, Mrs. Torpey